The complete book on Bitcoin

Topics: Digital transformation, cybercrime, economics, politics & internet culture: a multidimensional approach to the Bitcoin system and its cryptocurrency.

Language: English
Pages: 202
ISBN-13: 979-8702244174
Publication date: January 30, 2021
Author: Teunis Dokter
Epilogue written by Edin Mujagić

The only multidimensional approach delivered in one book

Multidimensional approach

Explore the nature of Bitcoin from a variety of perspectives to obtain multidimensional knowledge and insights.

No ‘fanboyism’, but an honest review of the Bitcoin system

Critical review

Continued questioning will deliver critical insights in to the most important aspects of the Bitcoin system and the possible ramifications for its future. 

Epilogue by renowned macro-economist Edin Mujagic

Epilogue by Edin Mujagić

Economist Edin Mujagić offers his views on Bitcoins role in the history of monetary economics and the important role of government in it’s future adoption. 

Readability guaranteed

User friendly

Written from an educational perspective and filled with personal experiences and anecdotes, the book is both informative and fun to read.

The book includes powerful illustrations 

On the Nature of Bitcoin presents powerful illustrations to explain important concepts or to visually support comperative analysis between a variety of monetary systems, like the USD fiat systems compared to gold and Bitcoin on how well they perform on the functions of money.

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About the author of ‘On the nature of Bitcoin’

Teunis Dokter (1990) studied Communication systems and holds an MA in Information & Communication Sciences with a major in Web & Mobile Services. At the age of 11 he wrote his first book, but lost the floppy disk on which the file was saved. Now he is back!

Teunis will share his remarkable insights into the realm of Bitcoin by taking a multidimensional approach to the Bitcoin system, concerning its place in the digital transformation, its economics, politics, the legal field, the (ab)use of the Bitcoin system in cybercrimes and its effects on internet meme culture.

The book will conclude with an Epilogue written by economist Edin Mujagić, sharing his views on Bitcoin from a monetary economic perspective. This will give you a unique insight into the concept of Bitcoin and offers the best approach for people new to Bitcoin or who want to get a better grasp of the matter.

Teunis has experience in working on blockchain projects and experimented with the hardware of decentralized networks. He is an entrepreneur and journalist, who is both critical and creative and regularly writes about Bitcoin on his news site

Teunis is Bitcoin expert and predicted in September 2019 that Bitcoin would reach 33.700 USD in January 2021. It did, but what’s next?

From the book

“We are living in a time that will stand out in the economic and monetary history, one of them being the life journey of Bitcoin. I found this book by Teunis Dokter a very good place to start.” – Edin Mujagić – p. 163

Learn how Bitcoin protects itself against cyber security risks

“This trend is in Bitcoins favor as an increase in remote work and accelerated digitalization will most probably increase trust in those applications that remain secure over longer timeframes.” – p. 42

People will trust those applications that prove secure over longer timeframes

“Brute force quantum computing is a threat to any form of asymmetric encryption and might affect other non-blockchain based applications just as good, underlining that its rather unfair to criticize Bitcoin or blockchains for being suspectable to this specific threat, as other systems are prone to it as well.” – p.76

The book discovers Bitcoins fundamental nature and role in fighting climate change, fostering digital innovation, political debates or how it is used in cybercrimes

“Another reason why Bitcoin defeats gold as a medium of exchange is that the cryptocurrency can easily be split in to smaller parts in order to provide for the exact amount needed, while splitting physical gold is not practical. ” – p.95

Find out how government agencies interpret the reality of Bitcoin

“Bitcoin is thus not a technology on itself, rather a technological system that innovates the information technology sector by offering developers, organizations and governments new methods to think about data, trust and cybersecurity. ” – p.34

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