Discover the Nature of Bitcoin

This domain is dedicated to inform you about the reality of the Bitcoin system and its cryptocurrency. The domain is regulary updated with new information.

Bitcoin and Climate Change

Explore how the system impacts ecology, why it uses so much electricity and how its impact on the ecology might be reduced

Learn about Bitcoin mining

Explore the realm of Bitcoin mining and how to setup your devices most efficiently. Learn about the ‘sweet spot’ in consumer mining and what factors to pay attention to.

Bitcoin system performance

Learn how well the Bitcoin system aligns itself to the four functions of money. Does Bitcoin really outperform other currency systems?

More about Bitcoin

The crypto space is continiously changing and improving! Keep yourself informed and read more about Bitcoin in my book ‘On the Nature of Bitcoin’

On the Nature of Bitcoin

Multidimensional approach

Explore the nature of Bitcoin from a variety of perspectives to obtain multidimensional knowledge and insights.

Critical Review

Continued questioning will deliver critical insights in to the most important aspects of the Bitcoin system and the possible ramifications for its future.

Analysis from experts

Economist Edin Mujagić offers his views on Bitcoins role in the history of monetary economics and the important part governments play in it’s future adoption.

fun to read

Have you ever seen a crypto-asset miner in a basement? You will!

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